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Maggie Trevillion

Director & Podiatrist, Callen Olive.

An awe-inspiring journey, transcending personal & business tragedies, to embody unwavering resilience. Emily’s remarkable journey & lessons learned has elevated leadership in the healthcare industry to a whole new realm.
Martin McGeough

FFPM RCPS(Glasg) FCPodM, Podiatrist, Founder & Managing Director, Firefly Orthoses Ltd.

Rarely do you find a book on business healthcare development combining business success strategies with practical step by step guidelines in helping you, while also honouring why you do it; for the people you serve, your precious self and your family. Failure and success go together as night and day. They are two sides of the same coin. So do family and business. Emily’s personal experience and generosity gifts us a gem of a book for anyone seeking success in their healthcare business and balance in their life.
Claire Freeman

FRCPodS – Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Are you ready to be inspired, challenged and enriched……..good…….then pour yourself a cuppa, turn your phone off and get comfy. I raced through the pages of this book, as it is a compelling and constructive read. Emily has woven her own personal experience, in a brutally honest fashion, with theoretical models of leadership in a relatable, fresh and modern style. It is beautifully written, logically crafted, and full of practical strategies which will appeal to new business owners through to established businesses in crisis.

I particularly enjoyed her “Case based” analysis of problems encountered by practice owners. This really brings the theories described to life, from vulnerability, to cartesian logic, to pre mortem analysis. How to be the best version of you and not a member of the 3 am club. Methods to improve communication are presented – how can a jelly baby assist this? and who would think that empathy could be ruinous? Where does culture stand in your business model and what barriers are standing in the way of your dreams. How do you analyse what risks you can control and what risks are outside your control? I predict that you will return time and time again to the advice set out in these pages.

The NHS is creaking with overload, so more patients are turning to private health provision and it is an accepted paradigm that the focus of healthcare is going to shift from treating illness to sustaining wellness If you want to be ahead of the curve, I dare you to read this book and not change the way you run your business for the better.

Henrietta Laitt MA

Executive Coach, Trainer

“This inspiringly honest, and insightful book is a timely and contemporary must (and easy) read for private healthcare leaders, health care professionals and business owners. Emily offers a heartfelt, relatable, personable no nonsense approach based on her lived experience. which is clearly laid out and signposted.

It highlights and answers questions you may already have been asking yourself. Emily is open and honest about her experiences, and nothing is off limits. From surviving to thriving, sharing her successes, failures, and lessons learned. She shares the different strategies she implemented for building a resilient and successful practice and business.

Her narrative is infinitely practical, clearly signposted. She offers tools and techniques that are applicable to a wide range of circumstances that all leaders and business owners will experience in their personal and professional capacity at various times. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Emily highlights individual uniqueness as well as common threads and conundrums.

Her lived experience along with her comprehensive research, gives you a roadmap when facing obstacles and challenges, unexpected or otherwise. There is a focus on resilience and robustness given current and future times of unprecedented change, instability and uncertainty. Emily encourages and demonstrates adaptability, flexibility and discernment to meet challenges head on, rather than head in the sand.

In addition to providing appropriate and relevant real life case studies from a coaching perspective, Emily also offers a thought provoking and comprehensive section relating to significant future trends in healthcare and business ownership to inform and support your ongoing journey.”

Rachel Green

Managing Director, Infinite Podiatry & Physio

Emily’s book is a lifeline for members of the 3am club!

At once comforting and challenging, Emily uses her own experiences as a successful practice owner to tackle head on the problems that keep us awake at night.

This book is a pleasure to read, with each page lifting the lid on the challenges that we as practice owners often deal with alone. Her shared experience is refreshingly honest and the incredible skills she has honed through adversity and used to overcome every challenge, are an absolute gift.

If you wake in the early hours of the morning in a cold sweat worrying about the bottom line, if your team are disengaged and aren’t behind your vision, and if you’re too busy working in the business to work on the business… you need this book!

Lisa Perrie

Membership Mentor to Private Podiatry Practice Owners, PodPlan Ltd

I was recently invited to review “Practice Resilience” by Emily Ball. A truthful account of private practice start up and survival, peppered with simple, well articulated, Leadership strategies for private healthcare practice owners.

“Practice Resilience” was a wonderful investment of time. Simply written, leading with real life examples and Case Studies, Emily’s industry and life experience is apparent throughout, enabling her to provide us with a delightful fusion of deep, dark reality, honesty and academically acclaimed theory.

In my view, Emily has highlighted the personal and commercial challenges facing private practice owners today. Just some of the stand out points for me;

  • The unspoken requirement to start with SELF and be aware, ideally from day one, how you show up as a leader.
  • Create and embody your practice vision from the outset and consistently share with your team. Something that is challenging for new and established practice owners alike and yet equally crucial in establishing firm foundations.
  • One of my most used words, Robustness. Never has there been a more important time and opportunity to lead a private practice to become and/or remain Robust – A key takeaway for any practice owner seeking prosperity and testament to how Emily has her finger on the pulse.

From a personal perspective, Case Study Two resonated with me and, in all honesty, made me rather uncomfortable at points. After 14 years of practice ownership, there is always room for learning and improvement. Thanks to Emily, I now have a practical list of steps that will support our next stage of growth.

Similarly, I was delighted to hear Emily’s support for my personal passion, practice membership and that this not only has a place in her own practice but how being prepared to innovate, whether with practice membership or other means, can set you apart as a practice and as a leader.

In summary, whether you are a Podiatrist contemplating a new venture or an established owner seeking support, “Practice Resilience” offers real bang for your buck. I highly recommend it.

Attending the Leading Practice Ltd Masterclasses has given me a space to connect with Practice
Leaders with same drive and vision as myself and to build a network which will support and sustain
me for years to come. 

In the last 18 months since attending ALL the quarterly Masterclasses I’ve moved from working out of
a single room at my home in a full time clinical capacity, to a fully refurbished clinic with four
treatment rooms in the City Centre. I’ve grown my team to 4 full time clinicians and am now working
full time ON MY BUSINESS and LEADING MY TEAM! I’ve experienced a compete transformation in

Sophie Cameron

Operations Manager, Active Step Healthcare Ltd.

Having joined the Inner Circle at the beginning of my practice leadership journey, I feel like an
exponentially more confident leader across the breadth of the leadership function. – looking at my
own individual performance, how to effectively lead and mentor my team and develop the practice as
a whole. I now have clarity on my practice vision and am already taking positive steps with my team
to achieve this.

Rachel Green

Director, Infinite Podiatry & Physio, Herefordshire.

Meeting Emily has helped me catapault my business to the next level. The work I’ve done with Emily
and Paul has built my skills, knowledge and confidence in leading and growing my practice.

Being in the Inner Circle ⭕ has given me a space to connect with Practice Leaders with same drive
and vision as myself and to build a network which will support and sustain me for years to come.

In the last 18 months since becoming a member of the Inner Circle ⭕ I’ve moved from working out of a single room at my home in a full time clinical capacity, to a fully refurbished clinic with four
treatment rooms in the City Centre. I’ve grown my team to 4 full time clinicians and am now working
full time ON MY BUSINESS and LEADING MY TEAM! I’ve experienced a compete transformation in

Janey Tarrant

Soleus Podiatry, Ilminster.

Since attending the Masterclasses with Emily &Paul, I have a more engaged team, who are invested in the long-term vision and contribute to goal setting and overcoming challenges.

I have a clearly defined vision for me and the practice with robust action plans and paths to get there.
I also have more time off the tools to generate more head space for strategic thinking.

I have also gained more confidence in having difficult conversations, making difficult decisions and driving necessary actions.